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  • We are developing the business and trade relations between Belgium and the rest of the world…

  • We are at home in Belgium and Bulgaria and will be happy to assist you in your future business projects in those countries

Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting our Company web site.

When we decided to build this site next to our existing online shop www.balmidor.be, we had the clear idea to add as much as possible information about all the Brands we are representing and distributing their products in our online platform or via our professional customers.

You can find information about the Brands and details about the best selling products from each of the Brands represented in our sales platform.

We have added also videos for some of the products in order to allow you to learn and understand why those products are exceptional. By using our products you choose a sustainable behaviour and a trustworthy brand.

We are working also with professional users as well as with retailers in the services/activities: professional cleaning, restaurants, DIY retailers, flowers shops, etc…

but not only…

Our company has more than 25 years experience to propose quality solutions for business development between the East and the West, which experience we want to share with you true the pages of this web site.

We are at Home in Belgium and Bulgaria and we will be happy to assist you in any of your future business plans in those countries.

We are developing also new services and looking for new products lines.

If you have some specific questions or requests, visit our FAQ section or just fill in our
Request Form and we will come back to you in a very short time.

Everything in this new web site
www.balmidor.com is all about sharing as mush as possible information with YOU, our actual or future Customers.

BALMIDOR Belgium Team


The Brands

  • E-cloth products
  • Qwetch products
  • Serene House fragrances
  • Vagnbys wine accessories
  • B&P Waterproof Paper pots

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