• Tea mugs and bottles for a zero waste lifestyle…

  • NO more plastic bottles!

  • Qwetch products are for those who wish to take their meals and drinks, without generating waste

Who is behind the Qwetch products?

NO one!

Because Qwetch is before all a human story; story of a man who came back from his trip in China, inspired by its tea and food nomad culture.

By choosing Qwetch, you choose a story, a sustainable behaviour and a trustworthy brand, created by passionate people.

All Qwetch products are tested before production by collaborators and certified by an independent laboratory.

The concept

Qwetch offers food and beverage containers for those who wish to take away their meals and drinks, without generating waste.

All we (Winopia as producer and Balmidor as distributor), we are the first users and lovers of the products we are producing or distributing.

So why wait any longer, embrace the Qwetch lifestyle!

On the go, insulated, ergonomic and healthy containers for those who wish to to be part of a zero waste lifestyle.

The philosophy

Much more than a simple tea mug made to be carried around, this on the go tea mug comes with two filters to create two different infusion styles:

- a long basket filter for a short-term infusion
- a short filter for a long term infusion

Healthy products: Qwetch uses glass and stainless steel materials safe to food contact unlike aluminium or plastic products.

Sustainable products reaching for a zero waste lifestyle.

Qwetch products are sustainable because all containers are washable and reusable infinitely. No more plastic bottles, boxes or cutlery which are generating tons of waste every day.

Qwetch bottles and tea mugs for zero waste lifestyle…


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