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Qwetch Tea Mugs collection

Choosing Qwetch is choosing a lifestyle: eating healthy, respecting the environment, favoring home-made meals to take with you during the day. It’s also choosing products with aesthetic, colorful and trendy designs. Qwetch containers keep hot and cold making it easy to take healthy home-made meals with you. Qwetch uses glass and stainless steel materials safe to food contact unlike aluminum or plastic products.


Do you wish a good tea or a freshly infused herbal tea?

or maybe…

You wish to prepare a
Detox water, which is water that has been infused with the flavours of fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs…

The Qwetch isothermal glass teapot will meet your expectations. Further more you will be able to see the tea infusion just infront of your eyes.

The Qwetch isothermal Inox TeaPot will meet your expectations. Offered in different colours, the Qwetch Inox Tea Mug is offering you not only quality and incredible taste but also a fashion experience.

Thanks to its integrated filter, you can drink from the teapot while tea leaves or aromatic herbs infuse.


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