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  • What's make the B&P Italia paper containers for flowers or plants unique?

Waterproof Paper Pots for flowers & plants, is this possible?

YES, it's possible!


The Company has been established in 1979 and since then produces articles in polypropylene and paper, particularly for packaging of flowers, presents and sweets. Thanks to their continuous study and analysis of trend, elaboration of innovative articles and a lot of originality, the whole joined with a lot of years of experience, B&P Italia company is a leader of this sector.

Every six months the catalogue is modernised: a team of specialists is continuously searching for new matches and materials. The visit of fashion and packing exhibitions permit the B&P Italia to create innovative line based on concepts of stylistic creation, where colours and patterns mix themselves for finding their best expression.

Various production lines are allowing to B&P Italia to offer a complete range of florists, bakeries and presents materials: neutral and printed polypropylene, metallic and pearly polypropylene, kraft paper, straw paper, textiles and all the new materials, which are continuously added. Then all those materials are worked and transformed in sheets of paper and bobbins or punched in the most original and different ways.

B&P Italia's production has been increased from a small special articles line, called Sartoria (tailoring) producer, to a large leading producer in Italy of flowers and plants waterproof containers, Christmas baskets, food baskets etc…All products are printed and sewn in Italy and in Asia.

B&P Italia is very demanding for their articles: the search of materials is done with the utmost care.

Quality, precision, punctuality and accuracy —> those are the requirements of their clients, to which they are answering with 35 years old tradition, organisation and especially dedicated people (all women & men that are working in the Company).

Experts and deeply specialised people are the core of an efficient and friendly team. B&P Italia articles are send with precise and punctual delivery, because a good articles need and impeccable service in order to have the full customer's satisfaction. All this can be offered only by a Company with strengthened experience…

We at BALMIDOR Belgium we are happy to collaborate with B&P Italia for the BENELUX market, FRANCE & GERMANY, since we share the same value to deliver to our customers always a top quality products with high personalised service to their full satisfaction.

We are introducing now in our Online Shop a selection of the best products B&P Italia in order to allow to our customers to get familiar to the type of products created & produced by B&P Italia with the idea in the future to enlarge the B&P Italia line of products with more and more new products…

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